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Fourtrek The six biggest obstacles confronting the pharmaceutical supply chain

Fourtrek The six biggest obstacles confronting the pharmaceutical supply chain

Pharmaceutical wholesalers and distributors serve as a vital intermediary between drug manufacturers and other pharmaceutical institutions, including hospitals and pharmacies. The intricate dynamics among pharmaceutical manufacturers, distributors, and end customers, in conjunction with certain fundamental characteristics of the supply chain, present a number of challenges.

The following are the most notable obstacles confronting the pharmaceutical supply chain:

Insufficient transparency

Difficulty in identifying the origin of problems is a prevalent challenge encountered within the pharmaceutical supply chain. Instances in which pharmaceuticals are delivered in a state that renders them unfit for human consumption, counterfeit drugs inadvertently entering the cargo, or prices unexpectedly increasing.

The process of digitization

Standardization and digitization of documentation across industry platforms; smart contracts; blockchain technology; automation; and digital signatures for regulatory documents. Pharmaceutical industries face their greatest obstacle in implementing changes in a secure manner, with data security enhancements proving indispensable in post-Covid19 work environments. Furthermore, strategies for monitoring the evolution and redevelopment of supply chain tools and methods to ensure ongoing progress in the digital age.

Theft of pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical fraud continues to be a significant obstacle for the industry, and its severity may have been exacerbated in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of malfeasance committed during the pandemic, industry observers anticipate that health care fraud recoveries will be above average this year.

Ordinances and compliance

Already, the pharmaceutical supply chain is required to adhere to the most recent Good Distribution Practice. However, regulations are ever-evolving. Companies will be obligated to better organize their internal control and administration of customs and supply chains as the demand increases, thereby elevating compliance to an unprecedented degree.

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Increasing generic pharmaceutical competition

Anticipated patent cliffs will prove detrimental for certain prominent pharmaceutical companies, yet advantageous for generic pharmaceutical development organizations and consumers seeking affordable medications.

Patient-centric pharmaceutical supply chain development

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, health systems, and other stakeholders in the pharmaceutical industry supply chain obtain the collaborative tools and granular end-to-end supply chain visibility required to establish patient-centric supply chains via the digital supply network of Fourtrek Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.


There is a growing trend among healthcare providers to abandon the one-size-fits-all approach in favor of personalized medications and to give you the same Fourtrek Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. provides pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors with one of the most effective supply chain solutions and helps you overcome common obstacles which most pharmaceutical supply chain providers experience.

November 9, 2023
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