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Empowering India's Healthcare leading the way in affordable, quality healthcare solutions.

Namaste! Fourtrek Healthcare is India’s leading distributor of super specialty and critical care medicines. We take pride in our mission to develop and deliver affordable high-quality medicines. With a PAN India network, we serve hospitals, distributors, retailers, patients, and more. Our focus on transparency, timely delivery, and best storage practices sets us apart from our competitors. Join us in our mission to emerge as a market leader in the healthcare supply chain industry.

Vision – We Are Driven By!

To evolve as a market leader in the super specialty healthcare supply chain industry by providing the best solutions to our customers, while also creating 100 entrepreneurs by 2030 from the pharmaceutical industry.

Mission – We Thrive For!

To emerge as a market leader in the super specialty healthcare supply chain industry by providing affordable and quality medicines while conducting business in the most innovative, profitable, and adaptive manner.

Leaps & Bounds Ahead of the Game

FHPL - The Solution That Was Needed

Transparent Pricing, Honest Business

Providing lifesaving drugs at the most competitive pricing and a forever promise to be an honest partner.

Lightning Fast Delivery

Delivering critical care medicines at a pace our competitors can’t keep up with.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

FHPL is empowering entrepreneurs in the pharmaceutical industry with its innovative business model.

Innovation in Its Core

Researching and innovating pharmacy solutions to cater to the unique needs of the healthcare sector like no other.

Healthcare Solutions Redefined

Leading the way in rediscovering healthcare solutions in India with a motivated vision to expand beyond boundaries.

Trusted Partner for Over 2 Decades

2 decades of extensive experience being a reliable partner for distributors, suppliers, hospitals, clinics research centers, and every other pharmaceutical facility.

The Fourtrek Promise

Assurance of a Company Dedicated to Transforming the Landscape of the Healthcare Sector in India.

Advanced Logistics
Our advanced logistics ensure the timely delivery of your medicines and healthcare products, every time.
Quality Assurance
We maintain strict quality control measures to ensure that our medicines meet the highest standards of quality.
Regulatory Compliance
We adhere to all regulatory compliance requirements to ensure the safety and efficacy of our products.
Innovative Technology
We use the latest technology to ensure the best storage practices for critical care medicines.
Customer Satisfaction
Our commitment to customer satisfaction means that we always go the extra mile to ensure that our customers are happy.
Industry Expertise
With years of industry experience, we are experts in the super specialty healthcare supply chain.
Sustainable Practices
We are committed to sustainable practices, from our green supply chain to our eco-friendly packaging.

Impacting Market Dynamics

Disrupting the Status Quo

Fourtrek Healthcare has disrupted the traditional healthcare supply chain with its innovative business practices, making high-quality medicines accessible and affordable to everyone.

Building Trust with Transparency

Fourtrek Healthcare has built a reputation for transparency and honesty, winning the trust of patients, doctors, and healthcare institutions across the country.


Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Through its mission to create 100 entrepreneurs by 2030, Fourtrek Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is not just changing the healthcare market but also creating a wave of entrepreneurial empowerment across India.


Affordable Access

Our medicines are accessible to all, even in the most remote areas of India, at the most affordable prices.

Minds Behind the Brand

Mr. Deepak Choudhary

Managing Director & Chairman
Meet Mr. Deepak Choudhary, a seasoned veteran with over three decades of experience and expertise. His unmatched leadership, visionary approach, and passion for innovation make him a true inspiration

Mr. Bhagat Choudhary

Chief Operating Officer
An astute leader with nearly a decade of experience in the pharmaceutical industry, Mr. Bhagat Choudhary embodies professionalism and strategic thinking, driving growth for Fourtrek Healthcare.

Mr. Sukhdev Choudhary

Sales Head, Director
Our dynamic Sales Head Director with an unparalleled experience nearing half a decade. He is the driving force behind our success and is committed to providing the best service to our customers.

Mrs. Lakshmi Choudhary

Women Director
With over a decade of expertise in Supply Chain Management, her vision, and leadership have led to the success of our PAN India network in distributing life-saving and critical care medicines.

Our Highlights

Cold Chain

Patient Service

Hospital Supplies

Last Mile Supply


Face Behind the Branch


1st Floor 104 Vraj Valencia B/H Mahindra Showroom Near Sola Bridge Science City Ahmedabad 380060

Phone : +91 7227034207
Email : [email protected]

Mrs. Arpana Dharmavir

Branch Manager
Arpana Dharmavir is the Branch Manager of Fourtrek Healthcare in Ahmedabad. Arpana is dedicated to delivering affordable, high-quality medicines and establishing Fourtrek Healthcare as a market leader in the healthcare supply chain industry.

New Delhi

C-100 Okhla industrial area phase 1 New Delhi 110020

Phone : +91 7227034751
Email : [email protected]

Mr. Pradeep Pant

Branch Manager
Pradeep Pant is the Branch Manager of Fourtrek Healthcare's New Delhi branch. Pradeep ensures smooth operations and caters to the healthcare needs of the New Delhi region with utmost professionalism.


Plot 339 First Floor Industrial Area Phase II Ramdarbar UT Chandigarh 160002

Phone : +91 7227034752
Email : [email protected]

Mr. Ramesh Pant

Branch Manager
Ramesh Pant is the Branch Manager of Fourtrek Healthcare's Chandigarh branch. With his expertise and dedication, Ramesh ensures efficient operations and customer satisfaction in the Chandigarh region.


BF-12 Tridhara Apartment Jyangra Ghosh Para Ground Floor Kolkata Post Office Desh Bandhu Nagar 700059

Phone : +91 7228075953
Email : [email protected]

Mr. Subhamoy Sarkar

Branch Manager & SEF Lead
Subhamoy Sarkar is the Branch Manager of Fourtrek Healthcare's Kolkata branch. Subhamoy ensures seamless operations and serves the healthcare needs of the Kolkata region with utmost dedication.


18/46B, East 1st Main Road, Near Shenoy Nagar Metro Station, Shenoy Nagar, Chennai - 600030

Phone : +91 7227034208
Email : [email protected]

Mr. Navaram Choudhary

Regional Manager
Navaram is responsible for overseeing operations and business development in Chennai. Navaram plays a crucial role in ensuring customer satisfaction and driving the growth of Fourtrek Healthcare in Chennai.


Fourtrek Healthcare is a renowned company in India specializing in the distribution of super specialty and critical care medicines. As a leading player in the healthcare industry, committed to delivering affordable, high-quality medicines to hospitals, distributors, retailers, and patients across the country.

Mr. Pratik Choudhary

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Pratik Choudhary is the Financial Head of Fourtrek Healthcare Private Limited in India. With his extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry and exceptional Financial leadership skills. Pratik Choudhary plays a crucial role in driving the Financial strategies and operations across the country